8500C+ Balancer / Analyzer

Balancer/Analyzer 8500 C Plus

The Chadwick-Helmuth 8500C+ performs these critical tests:

  • Propeller balance
  • In-flight engine monitoring
  • Mils broadband
  • Failure and trend prediction
  • Reduction gearbox assembly break-in
  • On-wing engine diagnostics
  • Torquemeter run-out
  • Turbine seal break-in

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Balancer/Analyzer 8500 C Plus (Obsolete)

The Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth 8500 C Plus Balancer/Analyzer performs helicopter rotor track & balance, fixed wing propeller track & balance, helicopter and fixed wing vibration surveys, and vibration analysis/trend analysis. This digital computer/FFT analyzer uses a bright, backlight display, integral printer, built-in help, and Smart Chart™ technology enabling anyone from the trainee to the experienced dynamics engineer to realize optimal maintenance solutions for all vibration-related maintenance tasks.

The Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth 8500 C Plus Balancer/Analyzer is Obsolete and no more manufactured.

The Easiest and Most Widely Used Airplane and Helicopter Rotor System Propeller Balancing Equipment in the World Today

The 8500C+ is the latest and most capable system in the long line of legendary Chadwick-Helmuth balancers and vibration analyzers. State-of-the-art digital technology together with proven Chadwick aircraft vibration knowledge and experience provides quick and easy identification and control of aircraft vibration problems before they become costly. Don’t put your maintenance and flight crews through hours of repeated aircraft starts and flights trying to smooth an aircraft; the 8500C+ will provide you the analysis and balance solutions quickly, safely, and in least number of flights possible.

The 8500C+ also includes rotor blade tracking by automatic Fastrak optical tracker or hand held Strobex. The Chadwick-Helmuth 8500C+ is used by more commercial and military users than any other smoothing and balancing system in the world.

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8500C+ Balancer / Analyzer

Dimensions 10.8 x 7.5 x 4.0 in. (27.4 x 19.1 x 10.2 cm) Weight 7.1 lb (3.22 kg)
Vibration Amplitude accuracy ± 0.2 dB (for balance)
Phase accuracy ± 2 degrees
Spectrum max frequency 200 to 600,000 rpm in arbitrary user selected steps
Spectrum resolution 461 lines up to 7.5 kHz, 400 lines up to 10 kHz
Printer integral thermal printer
Data storage/ transfer integral 1.44 meg 3.5″ disk drive, PC/MS-DOS compatible
Display backlight and heated LCD display 1.4″ x 5.3″, 64 x 256 pixels
Memory up to 2 MB SRAM, 1 MB flash EPROM
Strobex connector allows visual track observation phase measurement

System Specifications for the Chadwick 8500C+

vibration channels 36
phase input channels 4
Fastrak optical tracker accuracy ± 1mm +5% of reading
Power requirements 12 to 28 VDC (28 VDC nominal), battery option available for self-contained operation
Temperature range operating – 40°C to 55°C -10°C for printer/disk drive)
Temperature range storage – 52°C to 70°C

Visual Blade Tracker “Strobex 135M-12” P/N 8620

This Blade Tracker is used with V2K(+), Carry-On VXP and 8500C(+) to observe the Track & Lead/Lag of main rotors and also tail rotors of helicopters.

It requires “Tip Targets” on the blade tip which are usually part of the Application Kit for V2K(+), Carry-On VXP and 8500C(+).

Observed Track & Lead/Lag data are either recorded on a tracking record sheet or entered in the 8500C(+) “Smart Chart” to be respected in the calculated Track & Balance adjustments.

Optical Blade Tracker “FasTrak” P/N 11800-3

This Day/Night Blade Tracker is used with the 8500C(+), Carry-On VXP, On-Board VXP and VMS II for fast Track & Lead/Lag measurement of main rotors of helicopters within +/- 1 mm accuracy.

When used with Carry-On VXP the Track & Lead/Lag data are collected simultaneously while measuring the dynamic balance.

For use at night, a Retro Reflective self-adhesive tape is used at the trailing edge of the rotor blades to reflect the emitted IR light of the IR LCD ring below the cover glass.

Portable Printer “DPU-414-M”

This portable printer is used for V2K(+), Carry-On VXP VMS II and On-Board VXP to make printouts of rotor settings, measured data and rotor adjustments as well as predictions for the calculated adjustments.

This line printer makes it comfortable for the user, to get printouts at the aircraft, without the need of a PC Printer in an office.

Its rechargeable battery allows printing even without supply power from the aircraft. The rechargeable battery is charged via the Acquisition Unit of the Carry-On VXP.

Vibration Sensors

Velocimeter, P/N 7310 used for V2K(+), Carry-On VXP, 8500C(+),On-Board and VXP VMS II.

High Temp. Accelerometer used for vibration test and analysis on turbine engines.

Accelerometer 4177B, P/N 4109 used for the legacy VIBREX System with Balancer 177M-6.

Azimuth Sensors

Magnetic Pickup 3030A, P/N 5876 typically used as RPM and azimuth reference for dynamic balance measurement of main rotors, used with all “Zing®” Systems.

Photo Probe , P/N 10200-1 typically used as RPM and azimuth reference for dynamic balance measurement of tail rotors, drive shafts and blowers, with 8500C(+) and Carry-On VXP.

Photo Probe , P/N 12900 typically used as RPM and azimuth reference for dynamic balance measurement of tail rotors, drive shafts and blowers, with V2K(+)

Sensor Cables

Velocimeter Cables, P/N 11210-X available in different lengths, used for V2K(+), Carry-On VXP and 8500C(+).

Magnetic Pickup Cables, P/N 10808-X available in different lengths, used for V2K(+), Carry-On VXP and 8500C(+).

Photo Probe Cables, P/N 10185-X available in different lengths, used for V2K(+), Carry-On VXP and 8500C(+).

Azimuth Reflectors and Tip Targets

The Azimuth Reflectors Set P/N 10444 are the recommended self-adhesive retro reflective material for use with the Photocell P/N 12900 and the Photo Probe P/N 10200-1.

The Reflector Set P/N 3300 is applicable as Azimuth Reflectors for the Photo Probe P/N 10200-1 as well as for the Tip Targets 3428-2/-4.

The full selection of retro reflective material for use as Tip Targets with out bracket or as spare for Tip Targets is shown and described under “Details”.

Basic Sensor Brackets

The Brackets P/N 3382-1/A and P/N 3383-1/A are used for installation of Accelerometer 4177B, P/N 4109 and Velocimeter, P/N 7310.

The Photocell Bracket P/N 10423(-1) is used for installation of the Photo Probe , P/N 12900.

Aircraft specific Brackets for Accelerometer 4177B and Velocimeter 7310 are offered as part of Application Kits, if needed.

Application Kits

Application Accessory typically consists of Brackets for the installation of Magnetic Pickup with Interrupters, Brackets for the installation of the Photocell/Photo Probe, Azimuth Reflectors, Adapter Cables for DC-Power, Breakout Cables for hardwired aircrafts, aircraft specific Application Software and aircraft specific Application/User Guides, describing the proper equipment installation.

The required Application Accessory is quoted specifically for the various “Portable Systems” and aircraft/engine type.

Brackets and Interrupters

Brackets are used to install Vibration Sensors, Azimuth Sensors and also the Optical Tracker “FasTrak” on an aircraft type.

Interrupters are aircraft specific parts made of magnetic Stainless Steel which generates an RPM and azimuth reference when passing the Magnetic Pickup.

Brackets and Interrupters are available for many helicopter and fixed-wing aircrafts, as part of the Application Kit for “Zing® Test” Systems.

Adapter Cables

DC-Adapter Cables P/N 3140-X are used to provide 28 Volt DC Supply Power for the 8500C(+) and for Carry-On VXP as well as for the Strobex 135M-12 when used with V2K(+), to connect to existing receptacles in the aircraft.

Breakout Cables are used for aircrafts which have a partly or complete hardwiring for DC Supply power and sensors of the “Zing® Test” Systems.

Application Software

For Carry-On VXP “Advanced Smart Charts” are provided on a Compact Flash, available for many helicopter and turboprop aircraft types as well as for some turbofan engines.

The “Advanced Smart Charts” of the Carry-On VXP allow simple/quick data collection of Track & Balance of one or multiple regimes and calculate rotor adjustments for Track and/or Balance respecting current settings and rotor limits.

For 8500C(+) Chart Sets are provided in form of a 3.5” Floppy Disk, containing “Smart Charts” available for almost any helicopter and turboprop aircraft type as well as for some turbofan engines.

Precision Tab Tools (optional)

The fine trim tab adjustments calculated by the 8500C(+) or Carry-On VXP require accurate measurement and adjustments of Trim Tabs.

Precision Tab Tools are available for many different helicopter types from Honeywell, supplied with calibration plates and instructions and partly with a specific carrying case.

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