AIRVIB© Wireless Balancing System for UAV , Drone, Ultralight Aircraft and Fixed Wings

Selling Prices:

• AIRVIB Kit Heli-1: RMB 160,000.00

• AIRVIB Kit Heli-2: RMB 180,000.00

AIRVIB© Kit Heli-1 / Kit Heli-2

  • Wireless communication up to 3.5Km (2.5 miles)
  • Drone / Helicopter track & balance
  • Dynamic balancer 4 channels
  • Track measurement up to 12 blades
  • Spectrum analysis 8 channels
  • Automatic weight sensitivity correction
  • Chinese User’s Interface
  • EU/UK Certified

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The AIRVIB Kit Heli-1 / Kit Heli-2 systems consist of an Acquisition Unit( to be installed in the UAV ultra light aircraft in flight to which various sensors are connected to) , and a Display Unit ( which remains on the ground controlled by an operator). This lightweight and wireless system allows the recording, processing and interpretation of all vibratory signals generated in flight to meet all your needs Its quick and punctual installation allows the use of a single system for a full fleet of aircraft, thus optimizing costs.

The track measurement on a rotary wing makes it possible to visualize and adjust the positions of the blades The universal tuning program offers balancing solutions for all types of flying models.

Key System Benefits and Features

Remote vibration analysis on the Drone UAV VTOL ULA in flight with a maximum range of 3.5 km (2.5 mi) Designed to analyze and tune fixed and rotating wing aircraft as well as multi rotor. 

Affordable system delivered complete with all its accessories Supplied in a rugged, compact and lightweight carrying case.
Modern technology with a color screen, choice of measurement units and language, battery charge with USB C port and SD card for backup.
Complies with European industry standards relating to electromagnetic disturbances and radio spectrum.


• 4 Tachymeter channels
• 8 Accelerometer channels
• USB-C Connector
• Weight : 500g


• LCD Color screen
• Chinese/English Interface
• Easy to use interface
• Saving data on SD card
• Weight : 260g



Dynamic balancing on 4 channels simultaneously


Calculation and proposal of balancing solutions


Track measurement for height and lead/lag


Spectrum analysis configurable on 8 channels


AIRVIB® EC Certification

AIRVIB® UK/CA Certification



AIRVIB® Specifications

General specifications
Maximum autonomy (at 20°C / 68°F) AU: ≈ 10 hours / DU: ≈ 14 hours
Full charge time (at 20°C / 68°F) ≈ 8 hours (5V DC @ 1A charge)
Battery type (AU and DU) 2 x Li-Po 3.7V 2100mAh (ref KRL704060)
Languages English, French, Spanish, Chinese
Wireless frequency 868 or 900 MHz
Maximum wireless range at 13 and 30 dBm ERP 3.5 km (2 NM / 2.5 mi)
Operating range (battery in charge) 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F) < 85% RH
Operating range (without charge) -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F) < 85% RH
Operating altitude < 3000 m (9840 ft)
Degree of protection IP 30
Balance measurements
Acquisition simultaneous capability 4 vibrations and 4 tachymeters
Balance frequency range 3 to 500 Hz (180 to 30000 RPM)
Amplitude accuracy +/- 5%
Phase accuracy +/- 5° or 10 min
Frequency accuracy +/- 0.1%
Spectrum analysis
Acquisition simultaneous capability 8 vibrations (4 + 4)
Analysis range (maximum frequencies) 100, 500, 1000 and 10000 Hz (6000, 30000, 60000 and 600000 RPM)
Windows type Flat top
FFT resolution 800 bins (lines)
Amplitude accuracy +/- 10 %
Frequency accuracy +/- 1 bin
Accelerometer inputs
Constant current supply 4 mA @ 24V DC (maximum)
Input ranges 0 to 5V peak (maximum 100g with 50mV/g accelerometer)
Tachymeter inputs
Power supply 12V DC @ 150mA (maximum)
Input ranges 1V to 12V peak (nominal)
Frequency ranges 1.5 to 1666 Hz (90 to 100000 RPM)

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